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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  December 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ f0 you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. it's a civil war that has raised the specter of chemical weapons. it's definitely an improvement over the last couple of years. >> looking for more signs the economy is picking up steam? check your holiday party's itinerary. why the end of the dome might be blamed on some otherwise good news. >> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. new tonight, a brash home invasion in san francisco. three me with a gun chased a
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woman into her home near the intersection of 31st avenue and clement street around 6:30. a neighbor tells us when the woman's father got to the house, she screamed, don't come in, don't come in, but it was too late. the robers got away with jewelry, but no one was hurt. oakland police are investigating their third homicide this weekend. the latest happened near jack london square this afternoon. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. an id has yet to be released. police are still looking for the shooter. a bomb squad blew up a pipe bomb at college park high school this morning. two teens were arrested for possession of explosives and were released into their parents' custody. police say the teens also blew up a mailbox a few blocks away.
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a supermarket in concord is back open tonight after a hazmat scare. about 20 people complained of a chemical smell and said they felt, quote, weird. the hazmat team could not figure out the source of the smell. in a four-hour standoff between police and a man inside jack in the box is now over. police say the man took two women hostage after he tried to rob the restaurant. after four hours, police shot the suspect. both hostages made it out safely. the suspect was taken to the hospital but his condition is not known. sacramento county sheriff's deputies believe road rage may be to blame for a deadly shooting. a man called 911 to say woman in another car pointed a gun at him. then the dispatcher heard gunfire and the line was
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disconnected. officers tracked down the vehicle and found two women in a nearby car with a relative. police arrested him for the shooting. turning now to syria and what could be a critical turning point in that country's civil war. rebel fighters have closed in and the airport. cbs news reporter charlie on where the fight goes from here. >> reporter: the outskirts of damascus have become a battleground, with some of the fiercest fighting they have seen yet. now within their sights is their biggest target, the damascus international airport, about 12 miles southeast of the city. heavy bombardments reported today in the surrounding area. rebel leaders called the airport a legitimate target and gave a stark warning to the
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regime and outside travelers to avoid it at all costs. fighting near the airport forced the suspension of commercial flights this week. some airlines have already stopped altogether. a rebel takeover of the airport would also cut off weapons supplies to allies like iran. >> it has the country's longest runways. it's from that location that jets from iran land. they're carrying a lot of sophisticated weapons, so knocking that location out, taking it over and holding it, would allow the rebels to begin their push toward damascus, without the threat of resupply. >> reporter: that makes it far too valuable to forces loyal to
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bashar alsad. >> in egypt president mohamed morsi has canceled the decree that sparked huge protests by giving him sweeping powers. but protesters in care row's tahrir square aren't impressed. they say a referendum on the new constitution would go ahead as planned. opponents trashed his office in response. hugo chavez announced tonight that his cancer has returned and he will undergo another surgery in cuba. he said for the first time that if his health deteriorates his successor will be nicholas morada. the back-and-forth between the white house and republicans and congress is showing no signs of letting up. there's a little more than
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three weeks left until the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: in his saturday weekly address, president obama signaled he is open to making cuts in programs like medicare and medicaid if republicans agree to raise tax rates for the rich. >> i'm willing to make more entitlement spending cuts on top of the $1 trillion in spending cuts i signed into law last year. >> reporter: his remarks came one day after house speaker boehner announced the talks were stalled. >> well, this isn't a progress report, because there's no progress to report. >> reporter: his democratic counterpart nancy pelosi blamed boehner for the stalemate. >> what they offered in return was an empty letter, lacking in specifics. >> reporter: such is the state
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of negotiations, 23 days before the deadline, when federal income tax will revert to higher levels, and long-term unemployment benefits will dry up for over two million americans who have been out of work for six months or more. on friday, boehner did not rule out a compromise on a tax hike for top earners, somewhere between today's 35% rate and the clinton era's 39.6%. >> there are a lot of things that are possible. to put the revenue this the president seeks on the table. >> reporter: even if the two sides are making progress behind the scenes, no one expects them to admit it until the last minute. but the office of budget has asked for a list of possible cuts just in case there's no deal. barely a month old, the bay area's newest outlet mall already has a new owner and a new name. simon property group announced
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it's buying the paragon outlet stores in livermore. the more than half a million square foot shopping center is home to more than 130 stores. almost everyone was expecting a lousy jobs report out in november. so this was a pleasant surprise. the economy added 146,000 jobs last month. not great but a lot better than expected. the unemployment rate dropped two-tenths of a point, the lowest level in four years. more encouraging news on your social calendar. for years, companies have been cutting back on holiday parties, but as cbs 5 reporter tells us, local restaurants say the parties are back. >> reporter: they're back. holiday office parties! this isn't one right now, but pier 23 is all pumped up about party reservations. >> looks like it's getting off to a good start. we've got quite a few parties booked. had a few yesterday. definitely an improvement over
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the last couple of years. >> reporter: the grinch that stole the economy chased away so many office parties over the past few years, that as few as 74% of companies held them last year. that was down from a high in 2006 of 95%. this year it's claimed 91% of offices will have parties. good for employees and good for bars and restaurant. >> we're not a huge restaurant, so about five grand. a buy outcan be 10, 15, 20, but that's getting the whole place. >> reporter: this is the fairmont atop nob hill. >> certainly the volume is back to where we were almost in 2008. >> reporter: they are getting ready for an airport security equipment company. 250 guests, life music and a sit-down dinner. what's a party cost here? he says he'll work with you. >> i can do a party from $3,000
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to $5,000 to a million. >> reporter: no matter what you have to spend, tom klein will work with you. and it's not just holiday parties making a comeback during this economic recovery. a new survey shows people are buying more beer, wine, and liquor. alcohol sales at restaurants jumped to a nearly 94 billion last year. researchers also expect that number to go up for 2012 and beyond. i remember trying to put my arm around my first girlfriend. >> another sign the economy is improving. more development and that could mean another vintage bay area movie house. make more? you may feel definitely. should what you pay for public transportation be based on your paycheck? we have been noticing anywhere from partly to mostly cloudy skies. and yes, there's a chill in the
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air, and yes, rain is back in the forecast. the day to expect it, with the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city,
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supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those if you lived along the "n" h in san francisco, you rememr the noise.. at all hours of the day and night. but - some very good news to pass along... if you lived in san francisco, you remember the
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noise, at all hours of the day. but very good news this morning. they celebrated the completion of the project. they upgraded the tracks and signals. they have a dedicated bike lane, a new crosswalk and boarding island. first, it was a plan to give free rides to low-income school children. now san francisco's muni system wants to change the way riders pay for transit. instead of basing fares on age or disability, they are considering basing prices on a person's income. they believe it would even out with wealthier, older riders paying more, while others pay less. >> we would have to work on exactly how this would work, but there would be some sort of financial record that would have to be proven to get a discount like this. >> muni is conducting a study on the issue and on the possibility of extending the
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income-based area fare to other transit systems. one by one, many of the bay area's old movie houses have disappeared. now, another sits in the path of new development. cbs 5 reporter patrick on the memories and uncertain future at the dome. >> reporter: affectionately known as the dome theater since 1967, it's home to art house movies and big blockbusters. >> it's kind of an icon, just a well-known place. >> i remember trying to put my arm around my first girlfriend and that took me about half the movie to get that to happen. >> reporter: the iconic movie house may soon be facing the wrecking hall to make room for a sporting goods store. >> i don't think we need a sporting goods store. >> reporter: what i did meet were dozens of people with a treasure trove of memories,
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right here at this theater. >> jaws. >> we're gonna need a bigger boat. >> star wars. >> my wife and i came to our first movie here. >> i'm gonna make an offer to you. >> reporter: they've been trying to do this for years, and they're coming closer because of the comeback of the economy. ray is out too. >> besides losing the business, it's like losing a family. i'm crying inside. it's terrible. roberta is here with the rest of the weekend forecast. there is some rain in the forecast. >> there is rain in the forecast. how about that? today it looked like it was going to rain. i called up our hi-def doppler to take a good look within a 120-mile-wide radius. it is partly cloudy to mostly
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cloudy at this hour. today, with that mass of clouds, temperatures were very cool, 59 in san francisco. 60 in livermore. low 60's in san jose. one of the warmest locations happened to be oakland at 65. currently, this is our live weather camera looking out towards city hall, the rotunda. we're currently 47 degrees. everybody has already dipped into the 40's except for san francisco. that reporting station at 52. tonight, dipping into the 30's. santa rosa, there you have it right there, 37. upper 30's will be coming around napa and sonoma and glen allen. 30's also east of the bay. inland, low 40's across the santa clara valley. tonight the clouds are very slow to clear out. in fact, we'll have pockets of fog in the northern portion of our bay area, in the valleys, also in the delta. tomorrow, after the clouds clear, it will pan out to be a
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sunny, breezy and a warmer day. and then as ann was saying, we do have more rain in the midweek forecast. right now, there you have it, an area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. and we do have prescription from seattle all the way to portland, it translates on over to snow around the cascades. otherwise, those clouds drifted into the northwestern section of the state today, we refer to that as a dirty ridge of high pressure. otherwise, that high moves closer to the state of california and results in sunny skies for 49er action, kickoff at 1:05. expect a game high of 64 as the 49ers play host to the miami dolphins. tomorrow, 60's at the beaches. not much of a spread at all. anywhere from 62 to about 67 degrees. the winds will fluctuate out of the northwest, five to 15. but in the higher elevations,
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once you get towards mount diablo, we'll see winds. looks like the air quality will become a little bit stagnant in our inland areas. keep that in mind. you might want to check daily before you light up your fireplaces. we do call for sunny skies until about wednesday. then we have rain returning to the picture all the way through thursday. then it does remain unsettled through saturday. >> look at that. all right. we're talking sports. 49 fers. vern has all of the highlights coming up. the warriors try to stay hot. and pacquiao-marquez. trust me, an outcome no one saw coming. what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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4th time... will noth time... will not bele this finish... boxing leads us off, manny pacquiao, juan manuel marquez, for the fourth time. you will not believe this finish! las vegas, the setting. the two men facing off for the fourth time, as i said. round three, marquez knocked down pacman. there's another angle. manny is shaken up but he could continue. pacquiao fights back. knocks marquez off his feet. then it was just an old fashioned slugfest. judges had pacquiao ahead on all three cards into the sixth round. and watch this -- oh! here it is again. the most vicious angle is the slow mo. boom! and it was night night for manny pacquiao. he goes down at the end of the
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sixth round. marquez, the champion. the first time he had defeated pacquiao in the four meetings. all right. the nba. the warriors are just rolling. it just doesn't matter what team has been thrown at them. stephen curry, full of energy. w's at the wizards. late first quarter. what happens when you leave clay thompson in oakland? this. warriors by three at halftime. smooth move. 22 for curry. but a scary moment for him here, as his ankle got clipped a little bit. you know he's got these ankle problems. he left the game, but he did return. three minutes left. follow the ball! the miss. clay thompson, that's his fifth three-pointer of the night, folks. warriors up six. next possession, david lee gets loose. 24 points, 17 rebounds.
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warriors up eight. they had to miss this free throw, get the rebound and put back, to stay alive. but no, no, no. warriors win 101-97 at the 20- game mark. the warriors are 13-and-7 on the strength of three straight victories. baseball reports out of los angeles say the dodgers are close to inking zach weanki to a deal that would make him the second highest-paid pitcher in the league, only behind sabathia. tragedy has struck the nfl. starting defensive tackle josh brent leaving a dallas nightclub was speeding early this morning when his car flipped over. inside the car was his close friend jerry brown, a linebacker who just signed off the practice squad. brown was killed in the
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incident. he and his wife were expecting their first child. this is brent's mug shot as he was arrested and charged with intoxicated manslaughter. he is currently being held without bond. the cowboys are in cincinnati to face the bengals on sunday. still to come, another open division football title, and the winner of the heisman trophy is announced. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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johnny manzell of texas a& acker manti teo off to the 2012 john w. heisman award, awarded to the best player in college football. it was a three-man race. quarterback johnny manziel out of texas a&m, notre dame linebacker manti te'o, and quarterback collin klein from kansas state. new york's downtown athletic club, the site. >> the 2012 winner of the heisman memorial trophy is johnny manziel! >> they call him johnny football. johnny manziel, a red-shirt freshman. yeah. he is the winner of the heisman trophy. his big mark was that win at alabama earlier in the season. manti te'o finished second. collin klein finished third. high school, norcal
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football titles, the open division. it must mean de la salle. coach bob at sac state against folsom in blue. already up 7-0. the touchdown run. it's 13-0, spartans. no answer for folsom. chris williams to andrew buckley on 4th down. spartans rolled 49-15 to remain unbeaten. a couple of scores to pass on to you from tonight out of division 2. clayton valley on the losing end to oakdale, 27- 24. marin, the wildcats are moving on. they beat sutter 23-7 in division 3. stanford women's volleyball. stanford, the first set. and it was all downhill from there for john dunning and the cardinals. they lose in three straight
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sets. unranked michigan, upset second- ranked stanford. the cardinal season is over! and tomorrow, you can watch the 49er game against the dolphins right here on cbs 5. it will be followed immediately by the 5th quarter, inside the 49er locker room, listening to harbaugh say, whose got it better than us? nobody! we'll see how that unfolds. >> all right. we will tune in. thanks, vern. after the break, the beatles and the stones. ,,
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and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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former beatle, john lennon,o was shot and killed 32 yearo today. this tribute took ♪ she loves you yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ >> today fans remembered former beetle john lennon. it took place at the strawberry fields near where lennon lived. the stones are still rollin'! the 50 years and counting tour landed in brooklyn tonight. there are only four u.s. states scheduled. more may or may not be added in the months ahead. that's it for us tonight. we'll leave you, though, with the stones. good night!
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